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It’s been a huge (excuse the pun) part of my life for so long. It’s a love hate relationship that consumes my mind daily. As a life form we can’t survive without it. I’ve tr…

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Bugged Out! Comes to Dreamland..

Can’t wait for this in fabulous Margate

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Over the past twenty years, BuggedOut! have truly cemented their place as one of the funnest party-starting crews around, loved by artists and punters across the globe for their no- holds-barred attitude to raving.

And now they’re bringing it down to Dreamland in Margate on Saturday 24th September for 3 raves and unlimited use of the rides included in your ticket price! With a line-up Featuring The Martinez Brothers, Richy Ahmed, Ben UFO, Joy Orbison, Artwork, Jackmaster, Groove Armada and more you’ll want to secure your ticket ASAP!

We caught up with the intensely skilled DJ, Lemmy Ashton, to find out what he thought about Bugged Out! coming to Dreamland…

1.First of all, what attracted you to bringing BuggedOut! to Margate? 

I come from whitstable, so I have always known of dreamland and have spent many an afternoon on the arcades and going on the looping star! So when the…

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Keep this recipe ready for winter!

Urghh I’ve been poorly this week and in this heat a runny nose, chesty cough and sinus pain have not been fun.  But I did make some really yummy medicine.

My sweet potato, lentil and spinach soup, now believe me eating a bowl full of hot soup in 30 degree heat was not an easy task but I think it sweated out a lot of my germs!  Whenever I am ill I always find that having something like this to eat with loads of onion, garlic and spice really speeds up my recovery, that along with plenty of water and a good dose of Downton Abbey.

Onions and Garlic are often thought to help with colds and flu as they have lots of germ absorbing properties.  Sweet Potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C  which promote growth and help the immune system.  The Spinach adds a good dose of iron, needed for white blood cell production. And let’s face it anything that’s easy to eat, packed full of vitamins, protein and iron is going to help.

Recipe up now, keep this one handy cough and cold season is just around the corner!


Chickpea Chana Masala

I’ve just added my version of a chickpea chana masala to the recipe section for you to try.  It’s a really simple dish to cook,  it’s cheap and healthy. Find the recipe here

Chickpeas are a great source of protein, especially for a veggie like myself, they are also high in fibre and iron. So you can see why these little beauties are great for you.  They are also incredibly cheap at around £0.35 a can!

I served my chana masala with coriander cous cous, roasted spiced cauliflower and a spoonful of houmous…because clearly I didn’t have enough chickpeas on my plate!  You could serve this as part of a larger meal as a side dish with other curries or tagines, but I really liked it as the star of my dinner.


Grab and Go Snack

In need of a little pre/post work out snack….or just a tasty snack?

I’m obsessed with these Cheese and Corn pancakes.  Now I can’t take any credit for this recipe at all, it is a Jamie Oliver recipe from his ‘Everyday Superfood’ book.

I know what you’re thinking, Cheese? Corn? Pancakes? Where’s the lemon and sugar right?  But these are really yummy (coming from a VERY fussy pancake eater)  Jamie says they make a great breakfast, but I’ve been eating them constantly for elevensies, foursies or any time of day that I’m feeling the need for something.

The secret is the cottage cheese, which make these really light and fluffy and give a great boost to protein quota.  They are really quick and easy to make so would be great to make with children…plus you’re hiding a bit of veg in them and they make great grab and go snacks.

Recipe here now…


New Look, New Love!

Well…I’ve been pretty rubbish at blogging recently and I don’t really know why.  I think life just takes over, I cannot believe I haven’t blogged since around Easter. Anywho HI EVERYONE!

New Look –

So to get me back into the swing of blogging again I procrastinated profusely, played around with the settings on WordPress, playing with colours, themes, heading images yadda yadda.  My blog now has a fresh new look!

Now the really important thing…the New Love –

No, no I’m not dating anyone new but I have fallen in love…in love with BALLET.

Ever since I was little I have looked at ballerinas with awe and admiration, these graceful ladies and strong gentleman making every move look so effortless and fluid.  Never in a million years would I be able to do something like that…

Well at the beginning of the year I thought ahh why not give it a go, I managed to find an adult ballet class for beginners not too far from my home.  My first lesson…I was terrified!  I had the co-ordination of a drunk toddler, stepping up to the barre for the first time and trying to plie rather than squatting, trying to remember what first, second, third, fourth and fifth position were, trying to remember any kind of sequence of movement. After an hours lesson I felt like I had done 100 pirouettes, there was so much to learn! During the cool down Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake comes on. A shiver runs down my spine and my inner child says “I’m a ballerina”.

I’m 7 months in to ballet now, I’m taking two classes a week, I adore it.  If I could afford to I would honestly go to class every day.  I finally feel like I’m making some progress.  I’m learning to pirouette, all be it a bit wobbly but getting there.  My core strength is improving, my legs are toning differently, my memory is improving and I’m making new friends….I even had to learn to sew to attach the elastics to my ballet shoes!  My Instagram feed is full of ballet photos and videos.  And I’m going to see my first ever ballet in London in January with my class…teeny bit excited!

The morale of the blog, never give up on a dream.  I’m never going to be Darcey Bussell or Odette in Swan Lake but every week for two hours that is exactly how I feel.

Do something that you have always wanted to do, even if it scares you. You will be so pleased you did!



Biscuits and salad bits

So I still have Easter Eggs kicking around my house…I’m literally picking at chocolate every day. This is not good! So in my logic I thought let’s bake with it and make something really naughty to use some up! (I give up)

I made some really easy shortbread from a blog recipe by @SuperBusyMum it’s really short and not too sweet which is lovely…however it does mean you can eat far too much with a cuppa.

So following my mantra of everything in balance, I made a nice healthy dinner of griddled chicken (quorn for me), garlic rice, lemon avocado, pickled cucumber salad, tomatoes and spinach and a yogurt and harrisa dip.

Recipe for the shortbread in the recipe section for you to try yourself!

Now, what to do with the remaining 4 easter eggs and Lindt bunny 😩….fancy a run anyone?